Trusted Advisor 24x7: The Video Series

Build trust-based relationships at your (organization's) pace.

Get the fundamentals of The Trusted Advisor and Trust-Based Selling delivered to your virtual doorstep—direct from the source.

Small bites. Fast-paced. On demand.

Faster decisions. Bigger sales. Greater engagement.

Being trusted is an enduring leadership quality. The success of your business developers, account executives, salespeople, project managers, and consultants (internal and external) will always be based on the degree to which they are trusted by their stakeholders.

Bring laser-like focus to trust-based relationships that get results.
  • Maybe you’ve already made a workshop investment and now’s the time to share key learnings with hundreds or thousands.
  • Or you want to help your own leaders broadcast messages that matter to your organization’s future.
  • Or perhaps you’ve been looking for a low-cost way to immerse yourself in a conversation about leading with trust.
O r g a n i z a t i o n s
I n d i v i d u a l s

Now, you’ve got a path forward.

A Primer: Trust-Building Essentials

  • (Lesson 01) Introduction
  • (Lesson 02) Re-Think Your Value
  • (Lesson 03) Earn Their Trust
  • (Lesson 04) Get Off Your "S"
  • (Lesson 05) Create Intimacy (Yes, Intimacy)
  • (Lesson 06) Be Counted On for What You Say and Do
  • (Lesson 07) Get Your Advice Heard and Taken
  • (Lesson 08) Make it OK for Your Client to Take Risks
  • (Lesson 09) Be Great Off Script
  • (Lesson 10) Lead *and* Follow
  • (Lesson 11) Know Your Strengths, Find Your Blind Spots

Everyday Applications

Develop Business with Trust

Manage Existing Client Relationships

  • (Lesson 20) Build Client Trust ... Faster
  • (Lesson 21) Build Trust at a Distance
  • (Lesson 22) How to Have Tough Conversations
  • (Lesson 23) Caveats: Your Conversational Jewels
  • (Lesson 24) What to Do When Your Client is a Jerk
  • (Lesson 25) What if *They* Can’t Be Trusted?
  • (Lesson 26) Recovering Lost Trust

Create New Opportunities with Clients

Every lesson comes with its own self-study guide.

Delve into as much or as little as you want.

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Practice over time to build new habits.

Trustworthiness can be learned. But it takes practice to become natural.


    Get all 29 lessons for $220 per person per year (up to 150 users).


    Get all 29 lessons plus Leader Guides and additional support for $265 per person per year (up to 150 users).

    Leader Guides help your own leaders use the videos to facilitate conversations about trust-building. They provide structure, detailed talking points, and reinforcement ideas.

  • A PRIMER: Begin with 11 Essential Trust Lessons for $150.

    EVERYDAY APPLICATIONS: Later, add 18 situation-specific lessons for $150.

    THE COMPLETE PACKAGE: Get all 29 lessons at once for $220 (a 30% discount).

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